Saor Heat operate a very energetic partner programme, brining partners through training and certification for design, installation, commissioning and life long maintance. Training is arranged through out Ireland on regular basis, with some training taking place in Prague at the Master Therm Head office.

Engineers and Architects

To achieve the BER standards, Saor Heat are delighted to work with Engineers and Architects for new projects and retrofit projects to achieve the best design for efficient operation, installation and ongoing life of the installation.

The design stage of the process in the most important stage, get it right on Paper / PC, get it right for the client for the future. Saor Heat will work with our partners to ensure the design is correct for the project and meets both the financial and operational objectives.

HVAC and Plumbing Partners

Very often the plumbing contractor plays a very important role in the development of a one off house or commercial project. Their experience and product knowledge can often influence the final installation, however, their opinion is often asked well after the design stage. Saor Heat like to include the delivery partner at the early stage of a project. This is a good planning route to precise project pricing and scheduling. The delivery / installation is key to the success to the project and a happy client. Saor Heat invest a great deal of time is selecting and training partners. We also work with our partners to help them obtain the projects that suit their staffing levels and location.

Installation training and certification for plumbing partners is a vital part of our operation. We ensure the installer has as much information and product experience as possible to ensure the client receives the best service and installation.

Our Partners